Globes Globes Everywhere Globes

Breaking up the scenery blowing my mind.

Well, maybe not blowing my mind but certainly vintage globes have become the new vintage suitcase for display in retail stores. While out shopping with my friend A, we were enamored with the display at Athropologie but we couldn’t find a price.

Then I was walking down Hicks St. and they had them in the window at J. McLaughlin:

So I did a little checking and found some on line-cheap.

My friend A has asked for some help-sorry A it took so long.


Vintage “World Globe”-Pre-1974 | eBay.

Both for around $20 including shipping. Of course you can find some for over $100 but it depends on what you’re looking for. I bought mine for around $17. I love it because it has the U.S.S.R on it and now I can belt out Back in the U.S.S.R and I will be able to tell my daughter what I’m singing about. It’s bad enough that I’ll have to explain what an album, 8 track and cassette is. She knows what a CD is because she has an Elmo cd. Every morning “Elmo cd, Elmo cd, Elmo cd” like a broken record. Oh the irony!

Another great source: Etsy. A little home-grown Brooklyn site.

SALE was 4000 Vintage Crams Earth Profile by blueflowervintage.

I used my globe as a book end to my daughter’s book. Plus she loves to pull it down and spin it.


Next: The story of how I was robbed.

Pouf This!

For any new mom out there who has stumbled upon Serena & Lily and fantasized about decorating their nursery with their bedding and one of their whimsical poufs, have I got good news for you.  I too was lured into the beauty of Serena & Lily and I’m ashamed to say I purchased my daughter’s crib bedding from them. But at $450 for a small leather ottoman, otherwise known as a Moroccan Pouf, the S&L style was too extravagant even for me.

But since I started my quest for a Moroccan inspired foyer I just couldn’t live without a pouf and so started my internet search for a more reasonable pouf.  Say it, “Pouf”, so fun.

And here it is, Tazi. The poufs are half the price and I would wager that S&L purchases their poufs from this source. But that’s only a guess.

My beautiful pouf:

Bronze Pouf

And my S&L bedding? The crib bumper and dust ruffle, both of which was no longer usable after we lowered her crib the first time, is stuffed in the top of the closet while I rack my brain on how to reuse them. Damn if I’ll throw them away! I plan to frame the sheets when she moves to a big girl bed.

My latest obsession and why it must come to an end.

Oly Jenny Chandelier

Oly Jenny Chandelier. $2722.50

I saw this and thought, I really, really, really want this for my office, but it was crazy expensive. So I talked it over with my husband (Andy), and he pointed out that no one sees my office but me and should I really spend that kind of money on something that no one else will get to enjoy? YES! I’m worth it. But a few minutes later, a tiny no, escaped my lips. That’s too much money. Unfortunately, the obsession didn’t stop there. Oly has amazing lighting and I found this…

Click to insert.

Not for my office but for my Moroccan Inspired entryway. I know what you’re saying, “That’s not Moroccan!” Even so, in my mind, it would work perfectly with what I’ve already got going on. But if you thought the first one was expensive, you will shit your pants on the price of this one. Oly Serena Rustic Shell Chandelier. $3,308.00. I’ve seen it in person an it is gorgeous.
Luckily it’s too big. My ceilings are only 10′ 2″ high and this chandelier hangs 42.5″ not really a problem for me or Andy, but Andy refuses to make our friends duck when they enter our house. So, the hunt begins.
Here are some less expensive options…..
Click here to view larger image
Z Gallerie. Not sure the square shape will work and I’m not lovin’ the color but it’s only $399.00.
Long Hanging Capiz Pendant Lamp
West Elm.  I do like this, but it’s way too long. However, I went to the store and saw this in person and I think I can trim off the last tier but, I run the risk of loosing it’s fullness. $269.00
I’ve spent days looking, I even found capiz chandeliers at Target. It seems like everyone is offering their own version of this style. Which got me thinking, maybe this won’t be unique enough? I need it to be a statement piece. And the final nail in the coffin for this idea, Andy, “I don’t really like it but it’s fine if that’s what you want.” It’s fine! Ugh. I don’t want fine. I want, WOW!  So, it’s back to the drawing board.