TV Room Reboot

We had our house completely gutted and redone. But, by the time we were ready to design the TV room, we were tired and burnt-out.  Basically, it became a dumping ground for all things family. Family photos, family games, furniture from the past and even the rug, which you can’t see, but had been in my daughters nursery. We couldn’t even be bothered to pick out a new paint color. This color had been used in a previous project. (Benjamin Moore, OC-16, Cedar Key) We really gave it no thought.

TV Room
TV room in full use.

But after a few years, I started to get inspiration and really wanted to make this room beautiful, comfortable and part of the rest of the house. Here’s some shots I took for inspiration. Cecconis, on the right. I love everything about this restaurant.

I love the color and the different textures. Velvet, leather, marble and brass.

How’d I do?


Couch (Pit couch from Mitchell Gold) , Leather chair (Vintage, Brooklyn Flee), Red blanket ( and console (used, from someone in my building) are the only things that stayed.

The Brass Table round side table, Ceramic table lamp, and brass/glass pull up side table came from Wisteria.

The pillows (except the red one) came from West Elm.

The sconces, West Elm.

The Rug, The

The lamp you can’t see in the picture, Target

Still I think it’s needs more. We hung art (ours) and added pillows (West Elm), maybe too many pillows.





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