Discovering the perfect “mommy necklace.”

When I was a little girl, my mother wore a locket around her neck with a picture of my sister and brother.  I would sit on her lap and play with the locket while she told me about the pictures and how they were taken before I had been born.  It’s a nice memory for me. After I had my daughter I became enamored with the current “mommy necklace” trend. I pointed them out to Andy, thinking he might buy me one for Mother’s Day, but all he said was, “if you want one buy one.”  So….

 Sundance Catalog. Chain Link Necklace

Crazy expensive. Why do I continue to look at the catalog?

 Stella & Dot

It looks a little cheesy to me. But the price is great!

And Uncommon Goods has really cleaver options.

Nest Egg NecklaceSuper cute!

There are so many choices. If you are looking, I would google mommy necklace or mommy charms. Even with all the choices, I always find myself asking, Why? Why  do I want this? What am I trying to say about myself? That I’m a mom, okay, but who cares. Do I think that wearing a necklace will somehow bring me closer to my daughter when we are not together? In the end the idea always seemed insincere.

And then I made this.

Mommy necklace

I had been looking for something to put on, but just the one pendant seemed small so I started to add more from the loose pendants in my jewelry drawer.  After a few different combo’s I thought the three pendants looked interesting. Later that day my daughter was sitting on my lap and playing with my necklace. I started to explain what each stone was, the diamond was an earring that belonged to her great-grandmother, the aquamarine was from her Gaga (my mother) and the garnet was mommy’s birthstone.  There it was, my  “mommy necklace.” When I showed Andy he looked at it and said, “Now that’s Mash-up life design!”

Now all I need is a peridot pendant to add.



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