The Inspiration for my first post.

I was on my way to Pilates this morning when I saw this.

Yes it is March 15, and yes this is a Christmas tree waiting for pick-up. Not only are there no more wood chippers coming around to pick-up holiday greenery, but this still had the lights and tree stand on it. My first thought was, “What a jack-off. Really, really Mr. I’m-to-lazy-too-take-my-lights-or-my-tree-stand-off. Look at me I’m so rich I can buy a new set of lights and tree stand every year. Woohoo!” Okay, that last part I just made up, but still, nothing like irresponsible consumption.

As I was continuing my walk up Joralemon St. I started to feel bad about those lights. What could I do with those lights? I decided that if they were still there on my way back I would grab them.

They were and I did. No easy task because the Mr. I’m-to-lazy-too-take-my-lights-or-my-tree-stand-off had them wrapped up and down and all around. There is a method to stringing lights. I googled “how to string christmas tree lights” and there were at least 3 videos on YouTube. No excuses!

After 10 minutes and some words of encouragement from a stranger, I managed to get both strings of lights.

Here’s the plan:

I’m going to make a light for my daughter’s room using a glass vase (from my collection of vases saved from every arrangement my husband has ever sent me, much to his angst), some mod podge, and tissue paper.

First, because I’m paranoid of bedbugs or any kind of bug really, I toss the lights in a trash bag, tie the opening and toss it in the freezer over-night.

Stay tuned to see the finished project.


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