Cod Liver Oil

Below is a post I started back in June. Why didn’t it post, you ask? Because I went off to Michigan for a few weeks for the summer and my Macbook crashed. The nearest mac store was over 2 hours away and sending it out didn’t seem economical so I went without for a few weeks.  And by the time I got back to NY I had forgotten all about Cod Liver Oil.   I’m up and running again. I’m on some new gizmo, Google chrome. I’m not really digging it but change is always hard. So I’m going to give it the old college try.  My macbook is dead. RIP, along with all my passwords.   I’m going to check out Cod Liver Oil again.

The post below was written in June.


I’ve been taking a tsp. of cod-liver oil everyday now for about a week. It’s not as bad as I feared. It has a strong lemon flavor. It’s really the oil texture that is left coated on the inside of your mouth. So I was it all down with a flavored La Croix.

But why? Cod-liver oil is packed with Omega 3 Fatty Acids, Viamin A and Vitamin D. It use to be given to children to help with rickets.

It’s believed to help relieve joint stiffness, arthritis, and repair teeth, nails, hair and skin. SKIN! That’s what I’m working on here. So I’m trying it. And if it helps me in other areas. That’s good too.

But as they say too much of a good thing becomes a bad thing so check with your doctor first.

I have been tested for vitamin D deficiency. And guess what? I’m vitamin D deficient. As are most of us.

Cod-liver oil. Yummy?