The Hunt Never Stops

My husband, Andy, and I were in Savannah Georgia over the weekend.  It was beautiful! Neither one of us had been there before, which rarely happens, because Andy’s been everywhere.  I won’t lie to you, ever since I read Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, I have wanted to go to Savannah. Now that I have, it makes me feel a little cheesy to say that. It seemed like everyone there had the same idea. And if they weren’t there to see where Jim held his huge Christmas parties they were waiting in line to eat at Lady and Sons. And guess what? All the locals make fun of you. It’s true. But don’t worry, not to your face. I have to say that by the time we left, we were enchanted. Andy was wondering what the school system was like, and I was already hunting for real estate on

Besides the beautiful homes and 22 park like squares there are an abundance of antique and furniture stores. We did manage to stumble into 24e Furniture, because of this beautiful MOROCCAN LAMP!

Alas, it’s still too big, and it only has one bulb so the lighting is more for ambience than actual illumination.  However, while we were there the gentlemen helping us pulled out a couple of catalogs, and I spotted another lamp! But the baby started to have a meltdown, which basically means, “We gotta go!” And we never made it back to the store to find out the maker or get a tear sheet.

I was not looking forward to many hours of googling to find that lamp or at least something similar. And then I got this email on Monday:

“When we were in SAV, and saw that lighting, they pulled out catalogs for us from these 2 manufacturers. I made a note of it, in case it would be helpful.



Global views.”

My husband is a rock star!